Vipal Installs VR01 Smart DUO Buffer at New Zealand Retreader

10 January 2019

Vipal Rubber has announced that Christchurch, New Zealand-based Tyre Retreaders Ltd has installed a VR01 Smart DUO buffer, the first company to install such a machine outside of Latin America.


The VR01 Smart DUO has two positions and is capable of buffing up to 35 tyres per hour, as well as allowing loading, unloading and finishing to be performed simultaneously during the procedure, thus streamlining the whole retreading process.

Representing Vipal, André Desconsi, Tiago Campanharo, Leandro Paim, Marcelo Cenci and Henry Pasqualotto traveled to Oceania to accompany and celebrate this important moment for the Brazilian company. During the days they spent in New Zealand, they were able to meet and exchange knowledge with members of Power Retreads, an importer of Vipal products in the region.

According to Tyre Retreaders Ltd, key reasons for the acquisition of the new machine included the quality of the Vipal equipment combined with the associated services. "The technical service was excellent both during the installation and afterwards," said Alan Neuman, one of the owners of the New Zealand retreader.