CARLING s.r.o. and Vipal Rubber make the news in the Czech Republic

10 March, 2021

CARLINGs.r.o., a customer for more than a decade, is featured in the new edition of an important segmented publication in the country, highlighting the benefits of Vipal's tyre retreading and lines.


A company that is always concerned with developing cutting-edge work and valuing partnerships becomes admired by all those who have accompanied it over the years. This is the case for Vipal Rubber, which had its products and services highlighted by CARLING, located in the city of Brno in the Czech Republic and customer of 11 years, in an important local publication in the transport and tyre segment, Tyres & Equipment.

In a full page article in the most recent edition of the magazine, CARLINGhighlights the benefits of tyre retreading for managing transportation companies such as reduced fuel consumption, reduced ecological impact and high quality of processes, aspects that favour the circular economy. Therefore, the Czech company makes it a point to use Vipal´s products in its portfolio, as these meet its production requirements and the needs of the market. The publication mainly highlights Vipal´s VT110, RDY3 and RZT520 treads, all successful in the Czech and Slovak market.

The VT110 line deserves special attention in the article by Tyres & Equipment. The tread is said to be very well suited for tyre retreading in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. It was designed to optimize traction capacity. With grooves and protrusions designed to minimize retention of rocks and objects, the VT110, also available in the ECO version, provides greater casing protection. In addition, the width of the central blocks has a greater area of contact with the road to provide better mileage, as well as more reinforced shoulders, which provide greater resistance to the blocks to avoid chunking. Likewise, the tread belongs to Vipal models that have European 3PMSF (Alpine Symbol) certification, which attests to the effectiveness of the retreaded tyre in severe snow conditions.

“With tyre retreading, we seek to support the circular economy, improving transport quality and preserving the environment by reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere”,says Mr. Ivo Lojda, Logistic Manager of CARLING, s.r.o. The businessman states thatin order for this objective to be achieved, a partnership with Vipal is essential. “We have tradition, precision and quality in our market, in addition to offering a warranty on the retreaded tyre until the end of its service life. We are ready to serve our customers this winter season, so we replenish our stock with tyres retreaded with Vipal´s treads”, he reveals.

CARLING ( has been in the market since 1992, serving national customers as well as customers in Slovakia. It´s main activity is retreading truck tyres as well as selling products and technical assistance. With the growth it experienced over the years, the company began working with reliable manufacturers like Vipal, a merger that today is the basis for a concept that combines cost, economy and respect for the environment.