Vipal's VT110 Tread confirms superiority in Europe

30 March, 2020

Evaluations carried out in Spain, have confirmed the quality of the design.


It's on the road that Vipal can prove the whole quality of its products. Therefore, tests are constantly carried out to solidify the distinctive features and high performance of its products, especially its treads intended for the most varied transport segments. Since 2018, the company has obtained very positive results with the VT110 tread, which has proved the excellence of the design within the segment of tyres for medium and long haul transportion. The tread's superiority has been confirmed again in recent evaluations in Spain.

The assessments were developed in partnership with Spanish carriers located in the province of Valencia, Tráficos Manuel Ferrer from the city of Alfafar, and Trans Joaquín Buendía from Alaquàs. In the first performance test, conducted together with Vipal's authorized retreading provider, Renovados Muralla located in Ávila in Castilla y León, an Iveco 500 truck belonging to the Tráficos Manuel Ferrer fleet was equipped with four traction tyres retreaded with the VT110 tread, running regularly (in service) on Spanish roads.

The reached results of 321,917 kilometres, was a much greater performance when compared to the new tyres being previously used, which had an average of 240,000 kilometres. The result was widely approved by the carrier. "From now on, Tráficos Manuel Ferrer places its trust in the quality and good performance of Vipal, making exclusive use of the company's services to retread all the tyres on its vehicles," says Vicente Navarro, the carrier's Fleet Director. Meanwhile, the test held with Trans Joaquín Buendía was in partnership with Recauchutados Herca, located in the city of Zaragoza.

The transport company's expectation was 180,000 kilometres, based on previous records of a competitor retread brand. The VT110 tread was applied to the traction axle tyres of a Scania R440, and yield an impressive 289,673 kilometres. The fleet's general manager, Joaquín Buendía, commented that his company “will only use Vipal treads and retreading because of the high quality and good performance of its products". Traditional in the transportation segment, Trans Joaquín Buendía was founded in 1971, has its own fleet, and its trucks cover more than 1 million kilometres each year carrying cargo throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Vipal's VT110 tread is suitable for radial tyres placed in traction axles. Its design is intended to optimize traction capacity and reduce rolling resistance, enabling lower fuel consumption.

The grooves were developed with protrusions on the bottom to avoid the retention of stones and objects, providing greater protection to the tyre structure against damages. The width of the central blocks has a larger contact area with the ground in order to maximize performance. Furthermore, the reinforced shoulders provide greater resistance to the extreme torque forces resulted from side dragging. "In recent years, we have intensified tests on fleets and we have obtained quite positive results, like these with Spanish carriers.

Thus, we are able to confirm and prove not only the quality of our products, but the benefits of retreading, including the savings created for the companies in the segment. This is very important for Vipal and for the sector as a whole, because we have made it possible to increase profitability and competitiveness by reducing vehicle maintenance costs," says Fabrício Nedeff, Vipal's Commercial Manager in Europe. Vipal in Europe Vipal has 3 distribution centres in Europe - Valencia (Spain), Felixstowe (UK), and Nova Gorica (Slovenia) - to meet the growth in exports to the European market. Following this strategy, the company also dedicates one of its 4 plants exclusively for exports.

Visit Vipal worldwide Vipal Borrachas is the largest tyre retreading companies in the world. With 13 distribution centres spread across strategic points of the globe, it is present in over 90 countries and on all continents. It is the leader in Latin America, with more than 300 authorized retreading providers, and is the only company with a complete line of products for retreading and repairing all types of tyres. It also offers rubber compounds, rubber flooring and sheets, specialty compound for diverse applications, and have brand new division, which manufactures state of the art machinery for the retreading industry.

To supply the global market, Vipal has 4 plants with an installed capacity of more than 19,000 tons per month and 3,000 employees who occupy a physical structure of 183,000 m². During its 46 years, Vipal has combined experience with technical knowledge. It has a Corporate University and one of the most robust Research and Technology Centres in the world in the segment, housing 13 laboratories. This entire structure is reflected in products of excellence that are benchmarks in quality around the world.