For a long time I have had a great interest in meteorological phenomena, and they have become a kind of hobby to me. I built this website to share some of the knowledge I have gained, to help others understand a little more about these phenomena —especially during hurricane season, which begins in June and ends in mid-November—, that always provoke some anxiety and concern about what might happen.

It is not my intention at all to teach meteorology lessons, as I am not an expert. My goal is just to show in a simple and easy-to-understand way the behavior of these phenomena, with the help of sophisticated systems created for this purpose, which fortunately are available for everybody today.

Obviously, nothing can be done to stop the natural course of these phenomena, which although sometimes bring a lot of destruction, are essential for life on the planet; without them, our world would be a desert. In other words, they are a necessary evil.

I invite you to continue visiting my site, as well as other important related media, to be better informed and avoid last minute surprises.

Enzo Soliani

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